Client Testimonials

I have been with John Anderson for two years, receiving help on trust matters for my 97 year old mother with dementia. John and Linda are not only very professional, but very calming to an overly anxious and stressed man that I am. I have never met a person like Linda that has such a calming affect on others because of her kindness and dulcet tone. All matters are made clear, and easy to understand, and much success has followed. Very honest and spiritual people, I totally trust all of them to handle all my legal affairs.

John B.

John Anderson Law has been fantastic. John went up against a family law attorney that has no interest in what is right for the children but is only interested in what her client wants. John only cares about what is best for the children, what is fair for the children, and is fair for both parties. John is trustworthy, compassionate, and honest. Did I just say that oxymoron, “an honest attorney?” Yes I did with wholehearted truthfulness.

John D.

I’ve known John Anderson for four years. He’s a fantastic attorney. And his legal team is great. When I’ve needed to talk, they’ve been available. The office atmosphere is laid back and inviting (it’s San Clemente). It’s a small firm, but they know what they’re doing. They’ve been around for over 30 years and it definitely shows. They get the job done.

Darcy T.

John had handled a number of things for us in California over the time we have known him and all had been successful, but this last one was beyond what I thought was possible. I was in a head-on collision in Phoenix, AZ. I didn’t realize initially that he was licensed in AZ but my x-husband (who is truly my best friend) said “you have to call John” as soon as he heard about my accident. John was wonderful! His assistant Linda is also wonderful! She was so reassuring and always there when John wasn’t. They told me everything I needed to do, things I needed to keep track of, information I needed to write down before I forgot it – about the accident, the time in the hospital, the pain, the therapy, etc., etc., etc! I kept thinking this is ridiculous but I did it because they kept on me about it and its importance, and it really paid off. I know this was a complicated case in many ways, but he kept all the pieces balanced in the air until he was able to get the policy limits from two different insurance carriers. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.

Deb S.

I have known John for over 10 years. My wife and I saw John in order to obtain a will and power of attorneys for both of us, and to set up a family trust. I was impressed with the degree of professionalism in John’s office and was very happy with the level of service they provided.

James D.

John and his office are fantastic. Whatever is needed whenever it’s needed they jump on it and handle everything. Linda, his paralegal, is awesome. Todd and Troy are most helpful as well. I truly cannot say enough good things about this office. I highly recommend them for family law – Trusts or whatever your needs are legally they are true professionals that handle any job big or small. It is always a comfort to have them working with me handling the many issues I have had to deal with. Highly recommend John and his office.

Marisa M.

Todd Anderson has done a remarkable job in dealing with the many issues I had to face in my life. I was in a divorce, committed of domestic violence, lost a business, had felony drug charges and I thought I didn’t need representation. Todd has shown what a lawyer who is against the odds when going in can do if you have a great plan of attack, you listen to your attorney can do for you. He’s explained things very well and taught me along the way and has never given up on getting charges dismissed, getting equal visitation with my two girls, a excellent outcome on the alimony and support and all the other issues he faced when representing me through this time. Ultimately my divorce has been finalized, 2 felony drug charges dismissed, and one remaining that will be dismissed this year. If you’re looking for a well rounded attorney to represent you in any of these matters, don’t pass up the opportunity to get a great lawyer and great outcome. You will thank him at the end! You won’t be disappointed! Thanks Todd you have done a great job!

Greg L.